Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For Him

A special day to celebrate love, romance, relationship milestones, a crush… And of course, Valentine’s Day presents! How romantic.
Let’s be honest, men can be simple creatures, but men’s valentines day gifts can be hard to find, so we’ve curated some perfectly manly (yet sophisticated) gifts for the man in your life… Gifts that will WOW him, just the right amount, and in just the right way (with food and beer, obviously!!!).
Is it your first Valentine’s Day together, have you been married forever (or at least what feels like forever!), or do you have a secret crush you’d like to reveal?! Whatever your Valentine situation, we have you covered with our selection of the best Valentine’s gifts for him, whether he’s your husband, partner, boyfriend or crush!
Bootleg Jerky – The Fantastic 4 Pack  
For the man who loves his meat! The Bootleg Jerky Sampler Pack includes beef jerky in 4 delicious flavours (Hot Shot, Sweet Heat, ManukaYaki & The O.G.), wrapped in butchers paper. This can be purchased alone or added to a giftbox for an extra special treat. Too easy!
The Cheers with Beers - $50 
Want to try your luck with a flirty little offering of beer and snacks? Keep it simple, this is the perfect treat for any guy! 3 bottles of beer, beef jerky, popcorn, corn nibbles, savoury bites, and chocolate, what more could he need?!
The Craft Beer Lover - $75 
A clear winner in most blokes’ eyes! The Craft Beer Lover contains a selection of 6 different beers (because he won’t rest until he’s tried them all!), and snacks to enjoy alongside them. He’ll be stoked with this, we promise.
The Craft Beer Connoisseur - $80 
Make him smile with 2 of Panhead’s finest brews, paired with chocolate, popcorn & brownie. Perfect for the connoisseur of craft beer (even if this title is self-proclaimed)!
The Meat Lover - $90 
 Bier sticks, biltong, and jerky, a trio of meat loving deliciousness that will definitely get you into the good books! Paired with Six Barrel Cola and other treats to make him smile, this is a foolproof Valentine’s gift for your favourite guy.  
The Ultimate Man Pack - $120 
 As the name suggests, this is the ultimate Valentines present for the snack-loving, beer-drinking man in your life! Beer, hot sauce, Proper crisps, beef jerky, and loads of other manly snacks, we promise he’ll love opening this, and we promise we won’t even take the credit!
The Rum Rumble - $135 
Does he love rum? Then look no further! With a bottle of NZ-made Stolen Dark Rum, two tumblers, and a selection of delicious treats… Let him sit back, relax, and enjoy a rum & coke on you this Valentine’s Day (after he’s picked up his pile of clothes from the bathroom floor of course).
The Triumph & Disaster - $150 
Is your man a bit fancy? Keep him fresh-faced for your Valentine’s Day dinner date with offerings from our favourite kiwi men’s skincare brand, Triumph & Disaster. Face cleanser, old-fashioned shave cream and shearers soap, along with beer and snacks… Because no matter how fancy, he’s still a classic man after all!
The Cheese Pairing Platter - $150
An ever-popular Valentine’s Day date is the classic picnic (and what a good excuse to make the most of a lovely kiwi Summer evening!). All you need is this giftbox, some cheese to pair with the platter-worthy selection to be found inside (don’t forget to pack the cheese knife!), a picnic blanket, and you’re set! Best V-Day date ever, and a spot in the good books for you!
The Man About Town - $190
 Perfect for the guy that has it all! This will satisfy even the pickiest of men. A bottle of Stolen Rum (or switch this to Jim Beam or Jack Daniels if that’s what he prefers), two tumblers for the perfect pour, a Triumph & Disaster On The Road Travel Kit to keep him looking & feeling fresh, and a selection of sweet & savoury goodies. Really spoil him with this one! 
The Tasty Treats & Super Sweets - $200 
Is he always peering hopefully into the fridge or pantry, wishing for an unrealistic array of delicious snacks to jump out at him? Then this is the giftbox for him! With sweet, savoury, crunchy, chocolatey, and everything in between, once he opens this he’ll never doubt your love again!
Spoil your Valentine this February 14th. Whether he’s a dapper husband with expensive taste, or a classic kiwi boyfriend who worships a cold beer, we have the perfect V-Day hamper for him, no matter your budget or relationship status. Packaged to perfection and topped with a bow & love note from his special gal (or leave it anonymous if you’d prefer, your secret’s safe with us!).
Happy Valentine’s Day, lovebirds!