6 Easy Last-Minute DIY Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mums - Where would we be without them?! How do you begin to say thanks for the unconditional love, the years of taxi service, the chicken soup, the hugs, wisdom, school lunches, slumber parties, help with homework, and for always being there at every stage. This year, we’re trying our hand at some DIY, and you know what, a homemade gift will probably turn out to be Mum’s favourite anyway! So if you need some inspiration, read ahead for some homemade Mother’s Day gift ideas…

Homemade Baking

Have some fun in the kitchen with a new recipe or an old favourite, and get your bake on for Mother’s Day! Pop it all in a cute jar or tin, and deliver it in person for ultimate brownie points.

Art from her little ones

It’s going to get messy, but getting the smaller kids to make Mum their own special piece of art will be a gift she absolutely cherishes. Whether it’s a masterpiece on canvas, or a simple drawing to hang on the fridge, it'll bring a smile to Mum’s face every time she sees it. So get the finger paints out, or the charcoal for your budding artists, and get stuck in. 

A photo of her kids

Does that photo on Mum’s dresser need updating? Gather your siblings, all in your best Mum-approved outfits, get the camera out with a tripod or someone on hand to snap a pic, and say cheese! Print, frame, wrap, and you have a homemade Mother’s Day gift she will absolutely love.

Handmade ceramics

Sign yourself up to a local ceramics class, they’re so much fun. You get to learn a new skill, and come away with some gorgeous handmade goodies. Dedicate your new hobby to making something Mum would love - a mug, a bowl, a soap dish or a plant pot. She'll think you’re fabulously talented. Better yet, take her along to the class too.

Breakfast in bed

Whether it’s simple bacon & eggs, or an extravagant pile of pancakes, breakfast in bed is appreciated by tired Mums the world over. It'll maker her feel super special and let her dig into a good book while everyone else in the house makes a mess... and cleans it up too!

A handmade card

It really can be as simple as a card. The best way to thank your super hero Mum for everything she does is with words. Get your craft on and make your beautiful Mum a handcrafted DIY Mother’s Day card, straight from the heart.

If you decide to accompany your DIY with a luxe gift for Mum, check out our Mother's Day gift box range or choose a single item like a candle, hand cream or engraved tumbler to treat her and your budget. 

Mums are the bees knees. No matter what DIY gift you decide to make, she will have a huge smile on her face, guaranteed. So what are you waiting for?! Happy crafting, and happy Mother’s Day to all the Mum’s!