Why You Should Reward Your Employees During A Pandemic

The pandemic has been a real party pooper! With staff often working from home, office parties unable to go ahead, and rarely having the whole team together under the same roof (at least without social distancing boundaries in place), we’ve never felt more isolated and disconnected from our colleagues, or had to work as hard to boost workplace morale. Because of this, staff gifting is more important & meaningful than ever! After a tough and strange few years, a gesture of togetherness and appreciation will go a long way with your employees. So should you give gifts to staff during the pandemic? Of course! But what are the benefits?
Strengthens relationships & the workplace environment
A good team environment is built on strong colleague relationships. The impact gift giving can have on creating a strong and positive team is huge! Whether you give an unexpected thank you gift to the whole team, to individuals to celebrate an achievement or milestone, or throughout the year for each staff members birthday, the positivity that gifting provides will have a meaningful and long lasting impact. Feeling appreciated at work directly contributes to stronger team relationships and workplace happiness. So get gifting & spread those good vibes!
Boosts morale
A gift has the potential to brighten someone’s day, and employee gifts can drastically improve morale, and make employees feel more connected. The added boost of positivity can work magic across the entire team, making work more enjoyable, increasing the output of quality work, which in turn improves morale on an individual and team level. Good energy is contagious after all, even when you’re socially distanced!
Encourages loyalty
Employee gifting can build loyalty. One of the most important aspects in retaining staff is ensuring they feel valued, appreciated, and seen - what better way to do this than giving them a gift?! A gift is a gesture to show them that you value them, their work, their time, and their dedication, and therefore increase the likelihood they will remain loyal to you and your company. Yes you can (and should) thank them often, but sometimes a little extra appreciation is required, and this is where a gift comes in. A small gift can go a long way!
Increases motivation
If you would like to motivate your team, try giving them a gift! Workplace gifting increases motivation, and encourages staff to meet, or beat, their targets. Gifting is a great way to show you value your team’s efforts and time, which encourages its continuation. So think of gifting as an investment in your business!
We know it can be hard finding the right gift for an employee, so we’re here to help! We think a gift box is the perfect option, during the pandemic - it’s not too personal, it’s not ‘too much’, and it won’t sit on their desk gathering dust. And who doesn’t love a gift box filled with delicious treats?! We have options to suit each and every person, and to fit every budget. So whether you need a one-off gift for an outstanding team member, an ongoing gifting schedule to celebrate employee milestones, or an impressive celebratory gift for the whole team to share, get in touch with us for advice and inspiration.
Trust us, we’re absolute pros at this gifting thing!