Top Five Chocolate Celebration Gift Boxes: The Perfect Gift for the Chocolate Lover!

There are so many special occasions that sporadically pop-up on our agenda. It can be tough to find beautiful, thoughtful and fun gifts to suit the person and the reason! But stress no more - we are here to help!

Chocolate Celebration Gifts

We have assembled a range of beautiful and unique celebration gift boxes to make it easy for you to find a gift to suit your special someone, and their special occasion! That said, our chocolate celebration gift boxes are some of our best sellers - and no wonder! Who doesn't LOVE chocolate?

So if you're feeling stuck on celebration gift box ideas, we promise our chocolate hampers will be a massive hit! Here are five of our top-selling incredible chocolate celebration gift boxes to help make your choice a little easier:

  • The Chocoholic: It really is no wonder that our chocoholic gift box is one of our biggest sellers! Filled with our favourite chocolate treats; Whittaker's, Twix, and more - what chocoholic wouldn't be impressed? So if your special someone is a self-proclaimed chocolate-lover, then The Chocoholic gift pack will be the perfect gift for them!
The Chocoholic Celebration Gift Box
  • The Coffee Lover: What goes best with coffee? Chocolate, of course! Which is why we created The Coffee Lover gift hamper. Filled with all things coffee and chocolate in a celebration themed box, we promise it will satisfy all those coffee connoisseurs and chocolate lovers out there! 

The Coffee Lover Gift Box

  • The Sweet Tooth: We think it's near impossible to have a sweet tooth and not LOVE chocolate! So, of course, The Sweet Tooth gift box is filled with delicious chocolates for the chocolate lovers, but also, candy and other sweet treats! Satisfy those sweet cravings with mouth-watering celebration chocolate treats like a chocolate fudge brownie, Twix, Ferrero Rocher and more!

The Sweet Tooth Candy Gift Box

  • The Chocolate is Life: Chocolate is life! Who couldn't agree?! The delicious chocolates in The Chocolate is Life box are all made here in New Zealand! Making it the perfect chocolate gift pack to celebrate - filled with unique and tasty chocolates that are a must-try for every chocolate lover! The Whittacker's white chocolate and Donovan's toasted coconut clustered scream celebration if you ask us! 

The Chocolate Is Life Gift Box

  • The Sweet Treats and Savoury Eats: Can't decide between a sweet or savoury celebration gift box? Our Sweet Treats and Savoury Eats celebration gift basket is to the rescue! It's loaded with delicious sweets and balanced out with scrumptious savoury options! Of course, we don't think you can have a foodie box without chocolate! So we had to include some of our favourite chocolates; Donovan's rocky road clusters and the best Molly Woppy triple chocolate fudge cookies! 
The Sweet Treats & Savoury Eats Gift Box

We weren't lying when we told you that we have a chocolate box to suit any chocolate lover! Not to mention, all our chocolate gift boxes come beautifully packaged in our signature matte black gift box and finished with a ribbon of your choosing! To top it all off,  are delivered straight to their front door! Don't forget; you can also add a selection of beer and wine to any of our chocolate gift boxes to make them the ultimate chocolate & alcohol celebration gift box! 

Perhaps your special someone isn't a chocoholic, and you need more celebration gift ideas? Then check out our entire range of stunning celebration gift boxes and hampers here - we are sure you will find something they'll love!