The Origins of Mother's Day: A History of Mum's Favourite Day

We celebrate our Mum's every year with a whole day dedicated to them, for many – it often starts with one of the classic Mother’s Day traditions of breakfast in bed.

So why do we celebrate Mother’s Day? Celebrating motherhood can be traced back to Ancient Greece and Rome where they held festivals honouring their mother goddess Rhea and Cybele.

In the 16th century mothering Sunday meant that workers were encouraged to take the 4th Sunday off every month and go and visit their mothers, though this was seen to die off.

However, Mother’s Day as we know can be known to come from a west Virginia citizen named Anna Jarvis who wanted to honour other mothers after her mother passed away. Anna, over the years teamed up with department stores and florists to spread awareness and from there it became a well-recognised global holiday. As Mother’s Day became more commercialized Anna was unhappy with how stores were utilizing the holiday to sell flowers, cards and gifts. Anna later in life removed her name from the holiday.

Mother’s Day is on different dates throughout the world but here in New Zealand we celebrate it on the second Sunday of May. It is a day where the Mum’s aren’t expected to do anything and are treated like the royal– it is their day off after all.

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