Step Father’s Day: Making Father’s Day Memorable for Step Dad or Bonus Dad

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Father’s Day isn’t just for traditional Dad’s, because Dad’s come in many forms! It’s a day to celebrate and recognise stepdads and bonus dads too. Stepdads play an important role in the lives of their step children of any age. They’re special men who have played a part in shaping you into the person you are. Whether he’s been around since the days of nappies and bottles, or came along later to help out with homework and driving lessons, or has recently taken on the role of fatherhood in your life, stepdads and bonus Dads are truly special.

So when you’re celebrating Father’s Day this year, be sure to celebrate the men who chose you and your family, the stepdads! Stepdad gifts for Father’s Day don’t need to be extravagant or expensive. We think the simpler the better, a token or gesture to show your appreciation to them for everything they’ve done for you, your siblings, and your family. Take some time to figure out what will make him smile, and read through our list of ideas to make this Father’s Day special for your bonus Dad or stepdad…

A thoughtful card or letter - A card with a note expressing your gratitude would be so cherished. Some words to express your thanks - thanks for sticking by me in the times it was challenging, thanks for joining our family even though we can be a lot to handle, thanks for being a father figure to me, thanks for being such an important part of my life, thanks for loving me like your own, not because you have to but because you want to. You don’t have to spend lots of money to give something that would mean the world to him.

Spend the day together - What’s your stepdad’s favourite thing to do? Go to his favourite restaurant or pub for lunch, head out fishing for the day, help him with the gardening, go for a hike, check out a museum - whatever your bonus Dad is into, make an effort to spend some quality time with him, making memories, in his element.

Make him breakfast - Everyone loves having breakfast cooked for them! Whip him up his favourite, whether it’s fancy pancakes, simple bacon & eggs, a healthy omelette, or a huge pile of steak, eggs & hash browns. He’ll love starting Father’s Day with a breakfast cooked by you.

A stepdad-approved gift box - We think our Father’s Day gift boxes are the best, and they’re the perfect gift for your stepdad or bonus dad! We’re sure he doesn’t need another pair of socks or another tie, but what he would love is a box filled to the brim with gourmet sweet & savoury treats, beer, whiskey, chocolate or wine - add a heartfelt note and you can’t go wrong! Your stepdad will be stoked with this (and he might even share it with you!)

Blended families can be a challenge to navigate, and step-parent relationships can be tricky, but being a Dad requires love, not DNA. Let him know he has a special place in your heart with a thoughtful gift or simple gesture, and turn Father’s Day into Step Father’s Day especially for him, he’ll be chuffed!