Personalising your gift for Mother’s Day

When selecting the perfect Mother's Day gift for Mum, consider her interests, hobbies, and preferences to find something truly special. Whether it's a candle you know she’ll love, a personalised keepsake, a luxurious spa day, or a heartfelt handwritten letter, choose a gift that reflects her uniqueness and shows your appreciation. Remember, it's the sentiment behind the gift that matters most, so focus on conveying your love and gratitude in a way that resonates with her. Whatever you decide, the key is to make her feel cherished and celebrated on this special day.

Choose a gift you know she’ll love 

To discover the ideal gift for Mum, check out our selection of carefully chosen Mother’s Day gifts, or select a gift box that matches her personality or interests, or one you can enjoy together for some quality time. Our curated range includes gifts featuring beauty products, homewares, snacks, and beverages to add a touch of luxury to her Mother’s Day.

Personalise your gift box contents by adding a single item, or choose a different box colour, ribbon colour, or include the Mother’s Day bundle to make her feel extra special. 

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Customise your gift by engraving a serving board

Spoil Mum with a custom gift featuring an engraved serving board, perfect for crafting a charcuterie platter or serving up delicious canapés. This thoughtful present is bound to bring a smile to her face for years to come. Whether you opt for a curated gift box including the serving board or add it individually to any gift box, our team is ready to engrave a heartfelt message for your Mum. While we're unable to engrave photographs, we can beautifully capture any words or sentiments that reflect her essence. Plus, enjoy the convenience of same-day engraving and dispatch when you place your order before 3pm on a weekday. 

Mother's Day Engraving
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We’ve even crafted a Canva template to make this simpler for you. Find out more about engraving with our handy guide.  

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Write Mum a heartfelt card

Pour your heart onto paper, letting your words reflect the love and gratitude you hold for your mum. There's no greater gift than the sincerity captured in a heartfelt message.  

When crafting a heartfelt message for Mother's Day, you might like to convey your appreciation and love by sharing about how their support, love and encouragement has impacted your life so positively.  

Still feeling stuck? Adapt one of these messages to suit your mum: 

  • "From bedtime stories to life lessons, your guidance has shaped me into who I am today. Happy Mother's Day, Mum!" 
  • "To the woman who juggles it all with grace and love, Happy Mother's Day!" 
  • "Thank you for being my rock, my confidante, and my best friend. Happy Mother's Day, Mum!" 
  • "Your strength and resilience inspire me every day. Happy Mother's Day, with all my love." 
  • "Today and every day, I celebrate the extraordinary woman who gave me life and love. Happy Mother's Day!" 
  • “From your favourite child. Happy Mother's Day, Mum!” 

Add our card to your gift box, or the Mother’s Day bundle to tick one more thing off your to-do list! 

Spoil Mum this Mother’s Day with something special 

Make Mother’s Day easy and browse our selection of Mother’s Day gifts to have her gift delivered directly to her or to you.  

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