Mother's Day and the Pink Ribbon Appeal

As Mother’s Day rolls around again, so does our annual pink ribbon appeal. This will be the 4th year running that the team at Giftbox Boutique have raised funds for the Breast Cancer Foundation NZ.

This charity is one we hold close to our hearts, Andy (one of our business owners) Mum had breast cancer before he was born in the 1970’s. We choose to support the Breast Cancer Foundation NZ as we have personally been touched by what they do. Last year we managed to donate $2,726, and this year we are hoping to go even bigger and better and donate $3,500!

So how can our customers help?

This year just purchase one of our giftboxes between early April to mid-May and choose to change your ribbon color from our luxurious black to our beautiful pink ribbon for $1 and we will match that and donate $2 for every pink ribbon that we sell.

Why is Breast Cancer Foundation NZ a charity we choose to support?

We believe The Breast Cancer Foundation NZ to be an important charity within New Zealand as it helps to bring awareness to breast cancer and ways to catch it early. Breast cancer affects one in nine New Zealand women. However, if we detect it early enough, we can have a better chance of fighting it.

The Breast Cancer Foundation NZ has brought a guide out to help women identify changes in their breasts, this chart can help women navigate changes within their bodies.