Giftbox Boutique Pink Ribbon
The team here at Giftbox Boutique are proud to be able to support charitable trusts across New Zealand.
Each year at Mother's Day we promote the Pink Ribbon Appeal in support of the Breast Cancer Foundation NZ - Andy's (one of the business owners) mum had breast cancer before he was born, in the 1970's when treatment was vastly different to what it is today. 
"My mother was one of the lucky ones, in the late 1970's survival rates were much lower than they are today. It's organisations like the Breast Cancer Foundation NZ that have been the champions for not only awareness, but also research and treatment. I am proud to be able to support such a worthy cause"
So how does the Pink Ribbon appeal work?
As you are purchasing your gift box, you are given the choice of changing your ribbon colour from our luxurious black to a bright and beautiful pink ribbon for $1. Giftbox Boutique then matches this $1 and donates $2 for every ribbon sold  directly to the Breast Cancer Foundation NZ. 
Have you done something like this before and will you do it again?
Yes, last Christmas we had a Red Ribbon Appeal in support of The Salvation Army. We were proud to be able to donate $3512 to this crucial organisation to help families in need in time for Christmas. For Father's Day, we have a Blue Ribbon Appeal in support of The Prostate Cancer Foundation of New Zealand. These will be annual appeals for each Charity, although for Christmas 2019 we will let our customers pick the Charity we support.
Tell me more about Breast Cancer and why it is something I should care about?
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