Long Distance Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Long distance relationships can be tough (even without a global pandemic to complicate things!), and never more so than on Valentine's Day. When there’s so much physical distance between you, sometimes date nights are either non-existent, or a bit repetitive. Shake up the usual FaceTime chat and beat the Valentine’s Day FOMO with one of these long distance Valentine’s Day date ideas…

Watch a movie in sync - Watching a movie is one of the easiest ways to relax with your partner, and thanks to technology, you don’t even need them to be on the couch next to you! With apps like Kast or Teleparty, you can watch Netflix perfectly in sync from afar, so pick a film you’ll both enjoy (or have turns choosing one of your favourites that the other has never seen), get the movie snacks ready, and enjoy a night in!

Cook together & have a Zoom dinner date - This takes a little pre-planning, but is a lot of fun! Pick a recipe a few days in advance so you both have time to buy the ingredients - maybe an old family favourite you want to share, or something new to both of you. Get your best apron on, and cook together via Zoom, just as if you were in the same kitchen! Then sit down and eat together, with a nice glass of wine. Bonus - he won’t even know if your cooking is terrible (we’re sure it’s not)!

Make each other a playlist - Gone are the days of making mix tapes for your crush, or gifting your loved one a CD, but the gift of a playlist is something you can create from afar, and will be enjoyed for as long as Spotify exists. Keep the love alive with a long-distance listening party for two!

Plan a holiday - And I don’t just mean a hypothetical holiday, I mean get out your laptop, buy flights and plan an actual holiday! Pick a location, choose your accommodation, decide on some sights & activities, and when you’re done you’ll have something to look forward to!

Wine or beer tasting - Pick a theme, like craft beer of New Zealand, or South Island red wines, and make sure you both have your beverages purchased (along with some complementary snacks!). Sip in unison, and compare notes. Happy hour without having to leave the house!

Go hiking - Get those 10,000 steps in and hit the hiking tracks for a date outdoors. Get your headphones in so you can chat to each other, and it will almost be like you’re enjoying the walk together! Up the stakes with a sight-seeing checklist (like trees, birds, lakes, people) and see who can tick everything off their list first. A great way to connect, and an enjoyable day outside!

Online games - Some good old competition always makes for a great LDR Valentine’s date! The good news is you can still play board or card games from afar, whether it’s chess, Scrabble, Uno or poker, there are endless websites and apps to make it possible to play some favourite games, even when you’re not physically together.

Send each other a gift - And what gift do we recommend? A gift box of course! With endless combinations and a limited edition Valentine’s Day option on offer, we will pack your loved ones gift box to perfection, and deliver it straight to their door! You could even buy a Valentine’s Day gift box for each other, and open them together over FaceTime!

Whether you’re separated by oceans or roads, pandemics or work commitments, we hope this list of long distance valentines day date ideas has inspired you to find a way to be together, even when you can’t be together. Happy Valentine’s Day lovers!


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