Like many holidays on the calendar, Easter has both Christian and Pagan origins.
Ask any child what happens at Easter and the response will undoubtedly revolve around hot cross buns, chocolate Easter eggs and bunny rabbits.... an odd combination no matter how you look at it!
So where do the traditional Easter treats come from and why? 
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The Easter Bunny dates back to the pagan festival which celebrated Eastre, the Goddess of Offspring and Springtime. Her earthly symbol was the Rabbit, and given how quickly rabbits produce ‘offspring’, you can understand why!
Easter Eggs are also a symbol which has been brought through from the pagan festival. Eggs were seen as a symbol of re-birth, such as the type of rejuvenating that happens in spring. In later years, Christians recognised eggs as an Easter symbol, by attaching them to the resurrection, or re-birth, of Christ. For many years Easter Eggs were literally eggs wrapped in gold leaf, or dyed using flower petals and brightly coloured plants. It was not until Easter became commercialised, that chocolate and candy eggs became a part of the celebration.
Hot cross buns are a part of the Christian celebration, and are used to symbolise the cross on which Jesus was crucified.
Still, there is a reason for the season and it is a celebration of the death and resurrection of JC, son of Mary, from back in the day. The immaculate conception and one of the holy trinity, the father, the son and the holy spirit. She's a pretty long running celebration, Jesus died around 30AD, that's almost 2000 years ago!
Easter has become a time of giving, sharing and a celebration of life, making it the perfect time to show someone you care. From saying thank you to loyal corporate clients, to rewarding your hard-working staff, or just sending friends and family an unexpected treat, our Easter hampers are a great mix of gourmet chocolates, Easter themed cookies and sweet treats. 
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