DIY Christmas Gifts – Homemade Gift Ideas for Christmas 2021

Christmas looks a little different this year; families are further away, and budgets are smaller. Finding the right gift can be an almost impossible task, and it’s easy to get caught up in buying gifts for the sake of gifts, often making the most wonderful time of the year into the most stressful time of the year. So this festive season is the perfect time to dabble in some DIY, with these handmade Christmas gift ideas!

You might be thinking you don’t have the DIY skills to create handmade gifts, but trust me, you can do it! These simple homemade Christmas gifts are fun and easy to make, with materials and ingredients that won’t break the bank. And after a tough year being apart from loved ones, nothing will put a smile on your lucky recipient's face quite like a present that’s been handmade by you! So if the budget is a bit smaller this year, or you just feel like rolling your sleeves up for some festive DIY, here is our guide to the best homemade Christmas gift ideas for 2021!

  1. A jar or tin of home-baked treats 
    I don’t know anyone who doesn’t appreciate some delicious baking, especially when it’s homemade! You can pick up a big jar or tin from second hand stores or shops like Kmart, tie a ribbon around the top, add a festive little note, and fill it with whatever you love to bake, or whatever your recipient loves to eat! I’ve gone with my old favourite chocolate chip cookie recipe which is loved by all - just try not to eat them all yourself, and remember to leave one out for Santa! 

  2. A photo in a hand-painted frame 
    Get the kids involved, and make a cherished Christmas gift for the Grandparents, Aunties and Uncles! The kids will have so much fun being creative (and a bit messy!). All you need is a plain photo frame, some acrylic paints, a paintbrush or two (or do some finger-painting!) and a special family photo. This will put a smile on anyones face! 
  3. Kids art - A word of warning; I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to give creative direction to a toddler, but sometimes this doesn’t turn out how you’re picturing it in your head! But kids' art is special, and will be cherished regardless! Keep it simple and let them get messy, pop it in a frame and pop it under the tree - maybe you’ll discover a mini Picasso in the making, and you’ll definitely be giving an Xmas gift to remember!
  4. Bath salts 
    For any of the ladies in your life, this is a winner! You only need a few ingredients, a jar or bottle, and a little time to measure & mix. I’ve made some homemade bath salts this Christmas using epsom salt, pink Himalayan salt, lavender essential oil, and dried lavender, calendula & chamomile flowers. Using a base of epsom salt, you can add whatever combinations you like! You can dry your own flowers or buy them along with essential oils from your local health stores or online. Have fun mixing & experimenting. There’s nothing better than giving a gift of relaxation!


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    Merry Christmas, from all of us at Giftbox Boutique!

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