DIY Christmas Decorations: A Guide to Creating Stunning Homemade Xmas Ornaments

’Tis the season, and whether you’re feeling super festive, or need some inspiration to get you in the Christmas mood, I have some fun DIY Christmas decorations for you! These festive DIY’s are simple, budget-friendly, and great for kids - so ditch the store-bought baubles and have some fun crafting this silly season! From ornaments for your tree, to goodies for your table, these are sure to impress the guests! Grab your craft supplies and your Santa hat, and get ready to shoo the grinch away… 


  1. DIY Felted Wool Pompom Ornaments 

DIY Felted Pom Pom Christmas Decorations

Perfect for a minimalist or scandi style Christmas tree, these will up your Christmas tree game! These are so easy to create, and make great gifts too. 


  • Felted wool balls/pompoms
  • Wooden beads
  • Embroidery needle
  • Scissors
  • Embroidery thread


  1. Measure & cut a length of thread about 40cm long, & thread onto your needle. 
  2. Starting with the bead that will end up at the bottom of your ornament, thread it onto the string, and tie a knot at the bottom to hold the bead in place.
  3. Thread the rest of your beads & pompoms onto the string in whichever order you choose. 
  4. Once all the beads & pompoms are threaded, thread the needle back down the opposite way, leaving a loop of string at the top big enough to hang on the Christmas tree. 
  5. Tie another knot at the bottom of the ornament, making sure it’s big enough so it can’t pull back through the beads. Trim any excess string off the bottom. 
  6. Get them all over that good looking Christmas tree! 

  1. Homemade Wreath

DIY Christmas Wreath

Nothing says Christmas quite like a festive wreath! This is so fun to make, you can be as creative and extravagant as you want. Even Santa will stop to take a look at this on his way out! 


  • Wreath ring (metal or wood)
  • Greenery (faux or dried)
  • Craft or floristry wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Battery operated seed lights (I found a 1m length easiest to wrap around the wreath)
  • Anything else you want to embellish your wreath with (Christmas berries, dried flowers etc)


  1. Start with one of the biggest lengths of greenery to form the base of your wreath layout, and hold it against the wreath ring. Cut a length of wire and twist it around the end of your greenery to secure it onto the ring. Add another wire tie further along, to hold the greenery in place.
  2. Keep adding lengths of greenery, securing with wire, until you have a nicely shaped wreath.
  3. Add any extras (or leave as is for a minimalist style), such as flowers or berries, using your wire to secure. 
  4. Once you have your wreath as you want it, wrap the fairy lights around the entire thing, making sure the battery pack is hidden amongst the greenery.
  5. Hang your wreath, and await the incoming compliments! 
  1. DIY Paper Baubles

DIY Christmas Baubles

This is a budget friendly and fun way to spruce up that Xmas tree! The kids will love making these at home too. 


  • A4 paper - 100-135gsm (coloured, patterned, or plain, whatever you like!)
  • Craft or floristry wire
  • Beads and/or bells
  • Scissors
  • Wire cutters
  • Hand hole punch (a small diameter, about 3mm)


  1. Cut your A4 sheet of paper lengthwise into strips about 1-1.5cm wide. Then cut these strips in half so they’re about 14-15cm long. For one decoration you need 12 strips. 
  2. Cut a length of wire about 25cm long. 
  3. Punch a hole in both ends of each paper strip.
  4. Thread a bell or bead onto the wire (this will be the base of your ornament). 
  5. Stack 12 strips of paper on top of each other, and feed wire through the holes at one end.
  6. Twist wire around on itself above the bead/bell to hold your ornament together, and use wire cutters to get rid of any excess.
  7. Feed other end of the wire through the other end of the paper strips. 
  8. Bend the paper strips to form a half circle shape. 
  9. Thread a bead onto the wire.
  10. Create a loop at the end of the wire, twist to hold together (this forms the top of your ornament that will hang off the tree), and use wire cutters to cut off any excess. You can make your loop big enough to hang on the tree by itself, or if you’d prefer to add ribbon or string then you can make a smaller loop here. 
  11. Spread your strips of paper out to form a bauble. And done! 
  1. DIY Mini Wreath Ornaments or Gift Toppers

DIY Christmas Mini Wreath

Perfectly festive, and simple to make - Hang your homemade mini wreaths on your tree, or attach to the top of your gifts. 


  • String
  • Lengths of dried or faux greenery (something that bends without breaking - rosemary works well)


  1. Cut your string into approximately 15cm lengths.
  2. Cut your greenery to the desired length, and bend into a circle with a bit of overlap to tie your string onto. 
  3. Fold your length of string in half to make a loop, and tie the ends around the overlapped part of your greenery circle. 
  4. And that’s it! 

  1. Homemade Wooden Christmas Tree Decoration

DIY Wooden Christmas Trees

These can be made in any size, as sparkly or rustic as you’d like, and look great grouped on the Christmas table. You will need access to a saw to cut your timber into triangles (either a hand saw, skill saw, or drop saw). Apart from the saw part, this is a great DIY project for the kids, and they make great gifts too!  


  • Timber, cut into triangles (I’ve used a piece of 6x2 pine)
  • Chalk paint
  • Paint brush
  • Fine sand paper (optional)
  • Glitter spray (optional)
  • Any decoration you’d like to add - I’ve used seed lights and ribbon
  • Hot glue gun/floristry wire (this is dependent on what decorations you’re adding)


  1. Take your timber triangles and paint with chalk paint. I’ve done a single coat so you can still see the wood grain slightly. If you’d prefer it to be completely opaque, wait for it to try and add a second coat.
  2. Once your paint has dried, get your sand paper and sand around the edges to take bits of paint off for a rustic look. Skip this step if you’d like them to look more perfect. 
  3. Spray with glitter spray if using (trust me when I suggest you do this outside, otherwise you’ll be finding glitter inside for weeks!).
  4. Add your decorations - for the seed lights I’ve wrapped them around and secured at the back with some floristry wire. For the ribbon I’ve used a hot glue gun to secure it at the back. 
  5. Take a step back & be impressed with your DIY skills! 

 There’s something so special about handmade Christmas decorations, if you have kids be sure to get them involved too. And after all that homemade crafting you’ll definitely deserve a glass of wine and a huge slice of Christmas pavlova! It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas around here…


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