For the Wise and Wonderful: Father’s Day Gifts for Grandad

Grandfathers are extra special, even though they may have passed down some terrible Dad jokes you’ll never hear the end of! They give the best hugs, have endless wisdom to share, and enough stories to go around, and around, and around. They deserve to be celebrated in a big way this Father’s Day, so here is a list of Father’s Day gift ideas for Grandad that he’s sure to love!

For the Grandad who’s a golf superstar (or so he says) - If your Grandad is into golf (whether he’s actually good, or just goes along for a ride in the golf cart), he’ll love some new golf gear for Father’s Day. You can go all out and splurge on a golf club, or keep it simple with a fancy new golf shirt, a pair of golf gloves, or even just some golf balls (because he seems to lose quite a lot). He’ll be chuffed with some new gear he can show off to his golf buddies!

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For the Grandad who loves a tipple of whiskey - A good bottle of whiskey will never go astray. Pair it with a new set of whiskey glasses, some whiskey stones, or a fancy decanter, and you’re guaranteed to be the favourite grandchild! Another option is a whiskey gift for grandad, like our popular The Whiskey Lover - tried, tested, and loved by all whiskey loving Grandad’s.

For the homebody Grandad - A pair of cosy new slippers, a luxurious bathrobe, or a new cuddly blanket for snuggling up on the couch. He deserves some down time, and even though he might need some help figuring out how Netflix works, at least he’ll be doing it in style this Father’s Day!

For the storyteller Grandad - We love the idea of a ‘From You to Me’ journal for your Grandfather to record his history, in his own words. The journals come with prompts, like ‘Tell me about your Mother’s family’, ‘How did you meet Grandma’, and ‘What were your favourite childhood games’. It’s the perfect gift for grandad that comes back to you, it will keep Grandy busy, and is something you will cherish forever!

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For the Grandad who loves a family game night - A new board game and a family gathering is a sure fire way to put a smile on Grandpa’s face! Quality time with the kids and grandkids is what it’s all about, and this is the perfect joint gift and celebration for Dad & Grandad to enjoy together with the whole family. So get a Father’s Day family game night planned, & make some memories - it could even be the start of a new tradition!

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For the hungry Grandad who loves a treat - The gift of food is always appreciated, especially by those snack-happy Poppa’s! We have a huge array of gift boxes that are Grandad approved. Some favourites are ‘The Sweet Treats & Savoury Eats’, ‘The Craft Beer Lover’ ‘The Morning Tea’ or ‘The Chocoholic’. Whether he likes savoury or sweet, beer, wine, whiskey or rum, we have an option to suit! So when a box of scorched almonds just won’t do, get in touch with us for some food-filled Grandad gift inspiration.

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Remember to show your grandad how much you love and admire him by giving a thoughtful gift this Father’s Day.