Best and Most Popular New Zealand Craft Beer Brands

Struggling to come up with a good Father's Day Gift? Why not get Dad a gift box from Giftbox Boutique? Something with craft beer in it? We definitely have a lot of options to choose from in our Father's Day collection, but while you're here reading this you might as well learn a bit more about craft beer. 
There are so many different types of beer, IPA's, APA's, Stouts, Porters, Dubbel, Tripel, and Quadrupel the list is almost infinite. I really enjoy a pale ale, but that's not to say I won't enjoy a good sour too.
For a while now the surge in popularity of "craft beers" has resulted in a consumer that seeks out to enjoy a beer that is not mass-produced and boring to the taste.
In New Zealand, we have some of the best boutique craft beer brewers in the world. We are proud to support the New Zealand craft beer brewers and send well over 25,000 bottles of sweet NZ brew around the country every year.
Interestingly popular traditional beers that are made by larger breweries are nothing more than alcohol containing fizzy drinks, the fizz is actually added using CO2.
I myself was a consumer easily influenced to purchase by the skillful marketing of the larger breweries like Lion, and DB.
Best Craft Beers New Zealand
That was until my wife and co-owner of Giftbox Boutique got a job with Moa Brewing Co. back in 2013. She was responsible for their national marketing and as a result, I was thrust into the craft beer market. I was dragged (eagerly) to tasting events where I would find myself learning about the different brewing techniques and flavour infusion processes of the burgeoning craft beer market and for a couple of years I enjoyed an almost unlimited flow of various craft beers.
And then she moved to Ecoya, a positive move upward in her career, but it meant the house went from having lot's of beer to lots of candles. Not a great swap if you ask me, but she was happy and my waistline had a chance to recede.
Fast forward to Giftbox Boutique and we are back on the craft beer buzz. We, loosely translated to I, love to taste test our products to make sure they are not just easy on the eye but a real pleasure to enjoy. We have made a poll of our favourite craft beer brewers - vote which one you think is the best 
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Craft Beer Lover Gift Box New Zealand
What's Your Favourite NZ Craft Beer Brand?
Moa Brewing Co.
Garage Project Brewery
Wired Brewing Co.
Sawmill Brewery
Boundary Road Brewery
Founders Brewery
Hot Water Brewing Co
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