Christmas Party Ideas: How to Host the Perfect Christmas Party

Whether it’s a small casual gathering, a huge family reunion, or a potentially crazy office party, it takes some work to get the right mix of food, drinks & entertainment to please a Christmas crowd! The best thing about Christmas parties is that everyone is relaxed, happy to see the end of the year, and ready to celebrate! So dust off those party planning shoes (and your actual party shoes too), read ahead for some fabulous Christmas party ideas for 2022, and have yourself a merry little Christmas with an epic celebration!

A Christmas cocktail party - You can’t go wrong with a cocktail party, and Christmas cocktails are some of the best! Get ingredients, tools & recipe print-outs for a few different cocktail options, and get everyone mixing - You can even make it a competition! To take this to the next level (and a perfect corporate Christmas party activity), hire a professional mixologist to give lessons. Fun, merry & informative at the same time, perfect!

A Christmas movie marathon - Gather your movie loving mates, and host the most epic of all movie marathons - Christmas movies! Pop on a batch of mulled wine, get everyone to bring a festive movie snack & their compulsory Christmas pyjamas, get cosy & have the best time!

A Christmas grazing table gathering - If you’re catering for a casual crowd, you can’t beat a party centered around a huge Christmas grazing table! It becomes the focal point of any event, is easy to put together, and saves you having to cook! Add a mix of sweets, savouries, fruits & vegetables, deli meats, cheeses & dips, bread & crackers, and of course some Christmas chocolates & festive treats! Everyone will be super impressed with your efforts.

Tree decorating competition - This is really fun for a work party! Split everyone into groups, give each group a mini Christmas tree, provide a range of wacky & wonderful decorations (competitors could also bring their own) and let them go wild decorating for 20-30 minutes. Have each team explain their design at the end, and vote for a winner! You’ll be surprised at who is really creative, and we guarantee there will be a lot of laughs.

Never Have I Ever: Christmas Edition - Never Have I Ever is a fun icebreaker game with questions asked which prompt players to confess to past deeds! A Christmas edition is fun for any Christmas party, whether it’s with a group of friends, family, or in the office. Participants hold up 10 fingers, with someone allocated to make statements that start with “never have I ever….” Players who are guilty of committing the act must confess & lower a finger. The game continues until only one player remains. Some prompts to start you off: “Never have I ever”…

  • Regifted a present
  • Ruined a surprise because I snooped
  • Kissed someone under the mistletoe
  • Gotten drunk on Christmas day
  • Been hungover on Christmas day
  • Forgotten to buy someone a Christmas present

Christmas photo booth - A great addition to any Christmas party, because everyone loves a photobooth! All you need is a phone stand or someone to man a camera, a festive backdrop, some Christmas props, and watch the magic happen! Some prop ideas are antlers, Santa hats & beards, small strings of fairy lights & garlands, tree ornaments, elf ears, there are endless options, and endless laughs to be had.

Christmas trivia - This is a great one for a work party, as it’s fun & easy to set up. Split everyone into teams, and have them answer Christmas-themed questions by buzzing in (make sure someone is allocated to keep score!). You can play audio clips for a ‘name that tune’ category, show zoomed in photos of Christmas objects for ‘guess the Christmas object’, and show clips of Christmas movies & getting players to guess the film, finish the line, or re-enact the scene. Categories can include:

  • Music Movies
  • Food Mythology
  • Pop culture
  • Traditions
Whatever you choose to do for your Christmas party this year, make sure you have a jolly good time! Get those ugly Christmas jumpers & Santa hats firmly in place, and get party planning. Merry Christmas to you, and whoever you’re partying with this festive season!