12 Easter Egg Hunt Clues for Kids (Print Yours for Easter 2022!)

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Easter Sunday - One of the most anticipated days of the year for kids everywhere, the day of the annual Easter Egg Hunt! It’s fun for everyone involved, from the adults hiding the eggs, the spectators, and of course the hunters! The reward of chocolate is really all kids need to get them excited, but how about leveling up your hunt this year by adding in some tricky clues? It will keep them busy for ages, get them thinking, and they might even work together as a team (well, one can hope!). You can do your hunt indoors, outdoors, or both, and make or adapt clues to suit children of any age. Here are some fun Easter egg hunt clues for your Easter scavenger hunt this year…

“Look behind a door” - You can make this easy for younger kids by using their bedroom door, or for older kids think a kitchen cupboard, dog kennel, garage or car door.

“This clue was thirsty” - This one can be interpreted in so many ways! It could be in a mug, behind the bottle of milk, in Dad’s box of beer, or even under the dog bowl.

“Your next clue is hidden among words & pictures” - Another one that can be made simple or super challenging; tuck it in your young ones favourite book on their bedside table, hide it behind one of many books on the bookshelf, or tuck it inside a newspaper or magazine.

“I have legs but cannot walk” - Take your pick of any of the tables or chairs in your house.

“The next clue is hiding somewhere dark & smelly” - I don’t know about you, but we have about a million pairs of shoes in our house, so this is a great clue that you can make as easy or hard as you like!

“This clue needed to be kept cold” - The fridge or freezer is a perfect spot to hide a clue, with lots of possible hiding places. You could even hide the clue in a block of ice, just pop it in a ziplock bag first so it doesn’t smudge when they’re trying to melt it!

“If Mum switches this machine on, this clue will be in trouble” - You can use either the washing machine, dryer, blender or dishwasher for this one.

“This has been exhausting, lay down and rest your tired head” - Pick a bed and hide this one under a pillow, amongst the sheets, or right underneath the bed.

“To find this clue, you’ll need to lift a lid” - This one could take them a while, as it could be in so many places. A washing machine, shoe box, cookie jar, lots of possibilities!

“I’m hidden in a dark place, with something you use everyday” - This could be with the toothpaste, under their pillow, or even in their undies drawer!

“You better ace this next clue” - This is one for the older kids - If you have a deck of cards in the junk drawer, pop a clue inside the box.

“At this rate, this hunt could go for days, weeks, or even months” - Stick a clue in a diary or calendar!

We hope your Easter egg hunt this year is the best yet, even if Easter bunny takes all the credit! Happy hunting, happy chocolate eating, happy long weekend spent with family, and of course a very happy Easter.

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