What To Do for Mother's Day at Home in 2020: Top 10 Indoor Mother's Day Activities

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What To Do for Mother's Day at Home in 2020: Top 10 Indoor Mother's Day Activities  

So another Mother’s Day rolls around, and Mum gets another short-lived bunch of flowers, another box of chocolates, another pair of slippers.  

Wondering what to do for Mother’s Day? This year we think Mum deserves a bit more… your time! How about spending the day at home with her, a day to put everything else aside, and let her know just how much you appreciate her.  

We’ve compiled a list of fun things to do on Mother's Day at home… 

 1. Board Games: 

If the Mum in your life is constantly hoping her kids and grandkids will put down the electronics and have a good old-fashioned conversation, give her the gift of a day filled with board games! I guarantee she’ll be beaming.  


2. Baking: 

How about a classic banana bread (we love Magnolia Kitchen’s recipe), a delicious chocolate cake (Annabel Langbein has the easiest recipe, and it’s topped with ganache!) or Chelsea Winter’s famous Oaty Caramel Slice. The best part is you get to sit down afterwards (make sure you clean Mum’s kitchen!) with a lovely cup of tea, and tuck in to your sweet treat! 

 3. Making Cocktails: 

Try some favourites, like an espresso martini, a minty mojito, or if it’s a cold day brew up a delicious mulled wine in the slow cooker! 


 4. Watching some cheesy chick flicks: 

Don’t forget the popcorn! Some absolute classics include…  

  • How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days - Matthew McConaughey, need we say more? 
  • The Notebook - A classic love story, what more could Mum want? 
  • Sex & The City: The Movie - For the best fashion moments and girl gang of all time! 
  • Mamma Mia - Because all Mum’s love Meryl Streep & Abba right?! 
  • Mother’s Day - For obvious reasons, and also the fabulous and iconic cast of Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson and Julia Roberts.  
  • Dirty Dancing - It’s impossible to not love this movie (and a young Patrick Swayze!) 


5. An at home spa day: 

Stay in your pyjamas, whip out the nail polish, chuck on a face mask, grab some magazines, a bottle of bubbles (how early is too early?) and you’re well on your way to having a great at home pamper session!  


6. Making dumplings:

It’s not as difficult as you think, and so deliciously rewarding. You can make your own dough, or cheat and buy them pre-made & cut. Steam them, fry them, boil them (or do some of each!), dust off the chop sticks, dip them in soy sauce, delicious! Some great fillings are shrimp, mushrooms, pork, cabbage, ginger, carrot, coriander, and of course loads of garlic.  


7. Work on a jigsaw puzzle: 

There’s something so rewarding and relaxing about a jigsaw puzzle. You can fit in endless cups of tea while working on it, chat about life and the latest goss, and marvel in your combined genius jigsaw skills once it’s complete! 


8. Make a delicious platter for an at-home picnic:

Step 1: Buy all of Mum’s favorite snacks! Feel free to use both savoury and sweet. Some delicious platter additions are: cheeses (the more the merrier!), crackers, fresh fruit & berries, baby carrots & celery sticks, hummus, relish & dips, deli meats, chocolates, pretzels, shortbread (or Mum’s favorite cookies), marshmallows… use your imagination! 

Step 2: Get platter board out of the cupboard (or just lay some kraft paper out on the table for a really easy clean up afterwards!).  

Step 3: Lay all the goodies out on your board or paper in some sort of trendy, plattery fashion. 

Step 4: Pour a glass of wine.  

Step 5: Sit down beside the platter, and eat until you can eat no more!  


9. Take a trip down memory lane:

Take out the dusty old photo albums, and reminisce on the good ol’ days. Choose some favorites to make a scrapbook or to frame. You could even gather the siblings and try to re-create an old photo!  


10. Karaoke: 

This could turn into a headache (literally), but it will also be a lot of fun! Sing along to Mum’s all time favourites; I’m thinking Madonna, George Michael, Abba, Prince, Bon Jovi, The Backstreet Boys (Mum may not care for this, but you do), Queen, Whitney Houston! 

You don’t need to leave the house to give her a Mother’s Day to remember! I guarantee that quality time spent together is above everything else on her wish list.  

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