Prostate Cancer Statistics
It's an incredible statistic. 12 men in 100, 120 in 1000, it doesn't sound like it's that many until you make the number bigger, much bigger. Let's try 120,000 in a million. That's a big number, it could fill a stadium, and that's a big deal and we need to pay attention to it.
Prostate Cancer Stadium
Men are notorious for waiting too long to go to the doctor about anything. I guess we figure if you wait it out long enough it will go away, and that's okay for a flu, a sore back and a neck strain, but when it comes to other serious problems we need to be better at taking the time to go and talk to a professional.
Luckily in this day and age we have a number of resources and organisations that can help those individuals and families that are affected by all kinds of cancer. But, it does cost a lot of $$ to run these organisations and so we decided a long time ago that we would support 3 main charities each and every year at key times. Mother's Day - The Breast Cancer Foundation - Father's Day, The Prostate Cancer Foundation and at Christmas we change the charity each year, last year it was the Salvation Army, and this year our customers will vote on which charity they would prefer us to support.
Prostate Cancer Foundation NZ Logo
How it works: At the checkout when you are purchasing your gift box, you can select to change from our black ribbon to a blue ribbon on your gift box. You pay $1 to change ribbon and we match that dollar, so $2 will go to the Prostate Cancer Foundation for every ribbon upgrade. It's that easy.
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