Don’t Forget Nana! 7 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Grandma

There’s something so special about grandmothers, and they deserve to be celebrated and appreciated for Mother’s Day too! A gift to show your appreciation for all the wisdom, for spoiling you, for the always full cookie jar, and for the big hugs. So here is a list of Mother’s Day gift ideas for Grandma especially for your Grandma, Nana, Oma, Kuia or Granny!
A bunch of flowers - A bunch of flowers is a fabulous treat that I’m sure she doesn’t get very often! Nothing will brighten Nana's Mother’s Day more than a visit from you, and a bright and beautiful bouquet she can marvel over for days to come.
A bathrobe - Give Grandma a hug she can wear every day with a new fluffy bathrobe, just in time for Winter! Or better yet, give her one of our gift boxes with a cosy robe inside, paired with some tempting treats, like ‘The Because You Deserve It’, 'The Spoil Her’ or ‘The With Love’. They are incredibly soft and cuddly, the perfect Grandma Mother’s Day gift!
A plant - Does your Granny love to garden, or sit and read a book beside an array of indoor plants? Pop to your local garden store to pick up a lovely new plant, whether she would love a fruit tree, a beautiful rose, or something potted for her coffee table, this is a gift that keeps on giving.
A day out - I bet that quality time with the grandkids is at the very top of Nana’s wishlist, so make it happen this Mother’s Day with a day out! Take her for a walk at the local gardens, for fish & chips at the beach, or for a delicious lunch at her favourite cafe. No matter where you go, she will love spending time with you!
Home fragrance - If your Granny is into beautiful home fragrances, the gift of a candle or diffuser will brighten her day! We love ECOYA, Ashley & Co and Linden Leaves, and have an endless array of gift box options with these beautiful brands included, or you can purchase them individually too! We love ‘The Luxury Home Fragrance’, ‘The Ashley & Co’, or ‘The Linden Leaves In Bloom’.
Recipe book - Is your Nana the chef of your family? Inspire her with a new recipe book, invite the troops over for a family dinner, and get in the kitchen with her for some quality time whipping up a meal together - I’m sure she’ll have some good cooking tips to share! We love the Chelsea Winter Supergood recipe book for it’s delicious and foolproof recipes. You’ll find it in ‘The Something Special’.
Slippers - She wouldn’t be a real Grandma without a fabulous pair of slippers, and Mother’s Day falls at the perfect time, just when it’s getting a bit colder, so some new slippers will come in very handy! You can find a pair to suit any Grandma, from bright & fluffy, to plain & practical.
Don’t forget Grandma this Mother’s Day! She deserves to be celebrated, and will be tickled pink with whatever gift you choose, but most of all she will absolutely cherish the time she gets to spend with her grandkids. Happy Mother’s Day to your lovely Grandma.
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