In this quick blog I outline the importance of client relationship gifts and what they can do to transform your business. Of course, it's not just gift hampers and boxes that keep your clients coming back, it's great products and great customer service too. So what and when should you gift and why?
There are a few reasons that you might send a gift box to your clients, and each of them is varied depending on your industry and business type. Let's look at a few of our customers and tell you their whys...
We have a number of Real Estate agents and agencies that use our gift hampers exclusively for settlements. They are a great way to say thank you to the vendors or congratulations to the purchasers, they form a strong bond with the agent/agency and it has been proven in research that these gifts increase the likelihood of clients returning to the agent when they are looking to move again. We have some great keepsake items, such as wooden serving boards, linens, cheese knives, etc which serve as great reminders each time they are used in the home about the excellent service they received from their real estate agent. 
A lot of large businesses use our gift boxes to say thank you to their customers as prizes and incentives. A large insurance company sends our gifts to client's on special occasions like 5 year anniversaries as customers. Mortgage brokers send them to clients when they secure a new homes too, as a nice little 'thank you for working with me' gift. 
Giftbox Boutique Client Gift Box
A lot of offices buy Giftbox Boutique gifts as get well soon or congratulations gifts too. It's often really difficult to find a gift for someone you don't know very well, and to get something that's not too personal. A hamper is a perfect option, it can be non-alcoholic or even gluten free or vegan, and we can also arrange delivery direct to the recipients home as a nice wee surprise.
As NZ's most used, most trusted and most reviewed gift basket business, we have the biggest selection of gift boxes online and starting at just $35, we have something for every budget.
To get you started, here are 6 great options to choose from. 
Giftbox Boutique The Congratulations
Giftbox Boutique The Craft Beer Lover
Giftbox Boutique The Morning Tea Shout
Giftbox Boutique The Ultimate Indulgence
Giftbox Boutique The Double Cheers
Giftbox Boutique The Sweet Treats & Savoury Eats