2022 Corporate Gift Giving Trends

Over the last few years it’s been harder to keep in touch, with people working from home, meetings & appointments being held online instead of in person, less workplace events & client lunches, and social distance becoming the new normal. Corporate gifting trends in 2022 have mirrored this shift, from the frequency gifts are given, to the number of businesses incorporating gifting into their workplace, and also to the gifts themselves.

So why should you partake in corporate gifting? It’s a great way to maintain client loyalty and retention, to show appreciation to staff or clients, to strengthen relationships, to generate new business, to motivate and reconnect with employees, and for marketing & brand awareness. The downside? There is no downside! Gifting is a powerful tool you can implement in your workplace, so read ahead to find out the corporate gifting trends and ideas for 2022, so you can give a gift with impact and get a return on your investment…

Environmentally friendly gifts - Sustainability is trending in the corporate world. Since gifting has taken on a new importance, there have been efforts made to ensure positive environmental impacts, and we love to see it! Clients appreciate brands with an environmental consciousness, and employees take pride in working for companies that have sustainability as a core goal. So think gifts that will actually get used and not end up in the bin, recyclable packaging, ethically made and eco-friendly products, and locally sourced goods.

Food-filled gifts - You can’t go wrong with a gift box filled to the brim with delicious gourmet treats! With the cost of living accelerating recently, we are now having to forgo our favourite but non-essential treats, like chocolates, the fancy cheeses we love the most, and a glass of bubbles with our Sunday roast ‘just because’. So a gift based around delicious food and drinks has never been more appreciated!

Working from home gifts - Working from home is the new normal, and is one of the newest & biggest trends in corporate gifting. A gift for a staff member incorporating some tools to make their working from home adventure a little easier or a little more luxurious is a great idea. Nothing gets you motivated like some good quality stationery!

Self-care & time-out gifts - Everyone needs a little pick-me-up! Staring at screens all day is tiring, and the pandemic has taken a toll on all of us, so self-care is trending at the moment, and for good reason! Stress has a profound impact on productivity, so show them you care by sending them a gift of self-care, it’s an investment that will pay off! Think dinner vouchers, massage vouchers, candles, bath salts, skincare and tea, and you’re onto a winner.

Branded gifts - Corporate gifting is a marketing opportunity, and if done well can leave a lasting impression, and keep your brand front of mind. Things that are useful like a reusable takeaway coffee cup, a cutting board, stationery, even something as simple as a pen can be utilised in an impressive & impactful way.

So how can we help? I’m glad you asked, because we can help in every way! From affordable to luxury, whether you need 1, 100, or 1000, we can work with you to create the perfect corporate gift box to fit your specifications and vision.

With the use of recyclable packaging where possible, locally sourced products, and gift boxes that can be reused or recycled, we take pride in offering environmentally friendly corporate gifting options, and products that will be enjoyed & loved.

We can incorporate your branding, with products either sourced by us or supplied by you, to show off your brand and keep it top of mind long after the gift has been opened. From branded ribbon, gift cards, stickers, engraving, promotional products, the options are almost endless, and we can help you to leave a lasting impression. You can just sit back & take all the credit!

So give us a call to discuss the options, we love corporate gifting, and we would love to bring your vision to life!